Kinfolk is a consumer cooperative.

What is a Co-op, you ask?

A cooperative is a collectively owned enterprise that serves the interests of its members. This means a company owned by its workers, customers, or both. 

Why is Kinfolk a co-op?

Our current conditions require alternative strategies. Kinfolk is a co-op so the platform can be collectively owned and controlled by us, rather than follow a capitalist structure. This allows us to control our destiny and redistribute wealth into the Black community.   

We exist to meet members’ needs and stand up for the things you believe in.

What's in It for Me and My community?

→ Did you know co-ops were the number one wealth builder for our community since the 1880s??

We're not new to this, we're true to this!  African Americans have a long, rich history of cooperative ownership, especially in reaction to market failures and economic racial discrimination.  However, it has been a hidden history and one obstructed by White supremacist violence.

For example, many African Americans started credit unions because banks wouldn't serve them or charged unfairly high-interest rates.

Our co-op will allow us to pool resources and skills to help solve personal, social, family, and economic challenges.  

"You can't have civil rights if you don't have economic independence" - Fannie Lou Hammer 

(Dat part!)

→ Co-ops are controlled by their members.

The purpose of a co-op is to meet member needs, not just to earn a return on investment.

→ Co-ops are for-profit, private enterprises.


What it Means to be an Owner

We welcome new Owners to the Kinfolk Co-op. Ownership is not required to shopbut Owners enjoy added benefits and services. To become an Owner of the Co-op, you must invest in an initial capital contribution.

We recognize and follow the following principles: 

  1. Niche exclusive community 
  2. Commitment to Community
  3. Autonomy and Independence
  4. Democratic Member Control
  5. Member Economic Participation 
  6. Education, Training, and Information
  7. Cooperation Among Cooperatives

You can be down with this co-op by:

  • Pay a Capital Contribution* 
  • Actively support Kinfolk

*Upon making this contribution, you will receive a receipt payment. You will also receive a separate copy of Kinfolk’s Disclosure Statement and Bylaws by Q2, 2021 




      Tryna’ be down with Kinfolk?