Our Story

Kinfolk was born out of the need to effectively build a community. After the murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd and the subsequent shooting of Jacob Blake we were fed up and exhausted. Their names which had now been ingrained in the minds of the Black community would soon be forgotten by the masses. 

Everyone’s activism looks different; Kinfolk is ours. 2020 has hit our community with two pandemics and it became alarmingly clear that no one was coming to save us. The phrases for us, by us and we all we got meant more to us now than ever. We thought of the best ways to show up for our community, and a co-op that puts Black-owned brands on while allowing us to share our profits is the answer. 

We want buying Black to be the standard, not a seasonal trend. We’ll make it fun and accessible with shipping that's hella’ fast– you just have to show up!


A Note from the Founder

My name is Nirva Boursiquot - I'm a first gen, millennial, Cali-born, Miami based, Haitian-American.

2020 was heavy - especially for our Black community. 

Between the recurring instances of racial injustice and $600 stimulus checks, it became alarmingly clear that no one was coming to save us.

After attending local protests I was still asking myself what else can I do??

So I started with a full audit of my home.  I started researching more Black and Brown owned brands to buy.  My protest continued with my dollars. 

BUT... let's keep it real y'all - Buying Black turned out to be difficult.  Also, Black business is mainly synonymous with beauty and fashion and not areas such as our homes.

We created Kinfolk because of the lack of options to support emerging Black-owned home essentials.

Everyone’s activism looks different; Kinfolk is ours.

We can’t wait for you to see what else Kinfolk has in store for 2022!   If you still have questions about our mission, feel free to reach out.  Talk soon! 

Seeing is believing; schedule a 10 minute call with me.